After a lengthy teaser campaign and being spotted by our spies months prior, Nissan has officially taken the covers off the all-new Leaf. Compared to the previous model, the 2018 Nissan Leaf bears a more aggressive design, along with a host of new technologies.

“The new Nissan Leaf drives Nissan Intelligent Mobility, which is the core brand strategy for Nissan's future. With its improved autonomy range, combined with the evolution of autonomous drive technology, such as ProPilot Park, and the simple operation of the e-Pedal, strengthens Nissan's EV leadership, as well as the expansion of EVs globally,” said Hiroto Saikawa, president and CEO of Nissan.

2018 Nissan Leaf makes world premiere, gets 400 km range

Beginning with its exterior design, the all-new Leaf features a low, sleek profile that veers away from the previous model's shape. Up front, the pod-like design is no more as Nissan gave it upswept headlights and a creased front bumper. Also present are the V-Motion flash surface grill in clear blue, boomerang-shaped taillights, a two-tone body paint and a rear diffuser.

In terms of size, the 2018 Leaf measures 4,480mm long, 1,790mm wide and 1,540mm tall. It also has a wheelbase measurement of 2,700mm and a curb weight that averages between 1,490 kg – 1,520 kg.

2018 Nissan Leaf makes world premiere, gets 400 km range

All in all, Nissan claims the all-new Leaf has a sharp, dynamic look along with excellent aerodynamics.

Inside, the 2018 Leaf now has a driver-focused cabin and a new front panel dubbed the 'gliding wing'. It has a digital instrument panel, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel and blue contrast stitching on the seats, dashboard and steering wheel. Meanwhile, a new 7-inch full-color (TFT) display highlights some of the available in-car tech like navigation, multimedia function, Safety Shield technology power gauge and Apple CarPlay.

Driving the all-new Leaf is a new e-powertrain codenamed 'EM57'. It generates 150 PS with 320 Nm of torque and is powered by a 40 kWh li-ion battery. It has a maximum range of 400 km (JC08) and can be fully charged in as quick as 8 hours (6 kW). Those with a 3 kW system will have to charge the Leaf for 16 hours. A quick charge system is also available and can recharge the battery to 80-percent in as little as 40 minutes.

2018 Nissan Leaf makes world premiere, gets 400 km range

As mentioned earlier, the new Leaf is chock full of new high-tech features. First up is the e-Pedal which negates the use of a second pedal for braking. With it, drivers can acclerate, decelerate and stop by increasing or decreasing the pressure from the e-Pedal. When the accelerator pedal is fully released, regenerative and friction brakes are applied automatically to slow down and bring the car to a complete stop. It can even hold itself on steep hills until the pedal is pressed again.

Next up is ProPilot Park which serves as the Leaf's automatic parking function. The system can park in both parralel and perpendicular slots and takes control of the car's steering, accleration, gear shifting and braking. Last but not the least is ProPilot which is the Leaf's autonomous driving feature.

2018 Nissan Leaf makes world premiere, gets 400 km range

The all-new Nissan Leaf will go on sale in Japan in October 2 while other markets like the US, Canada and Europe will receive it on January 2018.