Nissan is looking at fundamentally changing the way we drive in the future by reducing the number of pedals we step on to just one.

The Japanese automaker’s 2018 Nissan Leaf will be the first-ever model to sport its new and revolutionary e-Pedal that combines regenerative breaking and seamless driving all in one.

Using a simple switch to turn the plain accelerator to Nissan’s new e-Pedal, all the driver will need to do is put pressure on the e-Pedal to accelerate, ease off to reduce speed and completely release to come to a full stop even on hills.

The brake pedal is still there just in case you need to stop abruptly but according to Nissan, drivers handle ‘90-percent of their driving needs with the e-Pedal’.

2018 Nissan Leaf will come with automaker’s new e-Pedal

Benefits of using the e-Pedal can be felt in city driving during heavy traffic as it eliminates the need to keep shifting the driver’s foot from one pedal to another.

On the open road, Nissan claims the e-Pedal will provide the driver with ‘more control’ of the vehicle especially in twisty terrain.

The development of the e-Pedal is part of Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility aimed at changing how vehicles are ‘driven, powered and integrated into society.’