Excluding the future M3, the all-new BMW M340i is perhaps the sportiest version of the 2019 3 Series to date. But what if you still want more out of your turbocharged, straight-six middleweight sedan? BMW has answered that by releasing M Performance parts for the sports sedan.

2019 BMW 3 Series M Performance is ready for the track day

BMW mainly focused on handling tweaks for the M Performance 3 Series. There are two tire options, both of which are wider than stock. It starts with 18-inch alloys and is topped off by 20-inch wheels which draws inspiration from the current M3 Competition Package. 18-inch slotted brake rotors then help the car arrest speed without overheating or fading. No mention about the suspension but they did say they made some tweaks to it as well.

As for the exterior, BMW went all out with carbon fiber aero add-ons. There's a deep chin which draws inspiration from GT racers and touring cars, along with more aggressively-shaped side skirts. At the back, the obligatory spoiler is a ducktail finished in carbon fiber. As part of the pack, it also gets a more prominent diffuser. The package can be paired to various 3 Series models from the M340i, right down to the 320d.

2019 BMW 3 Series M Performance is ready for the track day

For now, BMW hasn't mentioned anything about a power kit; essentially an ECU upgrade. Given that BMW offers an uprated ECU option as part of the performance package, one could expect it to be available soon.

The Power Kit in the previous-generation 340i gave the car an extra 35 PS from its initial 326 PS rating, boosting it up to 361 PS. Given that the M340i already packs 374 PS (or 381 PS in US-spec models), the tuned ECU could bring up the car's horsepower to over 400 PS. Torque figures should also likely to be higher than the stock M340i's 500 Nm figure.