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2019 BMW Z4 officially revealed. Sort of.


BMW shows off all-new Z4, albeit still wearing camouflage

If you've been following BMW for the past couple of months, you may have noticed a new way of 'launching' cars. Taking a page from spy shots, the German automaker has made it a habit to show the car first with camouflage before they take the covers away. They've done it with the X3 and the upcoming 8 Series. Now, they've done the same thing for the Z4.

Yes, BMW has finally done the same treatment for the future roadster, meaning we'll probably see the camo-less version of it in a few months. With that, BMW has also dropped a few details on the Z4.


The highlight of this official spy shot? The roadster gets an 'extremely powerful' in-line 6-cylinder engine. Given that it's based on the future Supra, it will likely get a de-tuned version of the hardtop coupe as BMW pitches it more as a junior open-top grand tourer. Big top-down cruiser duties will be handled by the 8 Series convertible. Power is estimated to go beyond the 335 PS mark, as the previous-gen Z4 35is already made 335 PS.

BMW already has a name for this particular variant. Dubbed the Z4 M40i, it gets slightly massaged by the company's in-house tuning division. So besides a more potent engine, it gets a lowered sports suspension with electronically controlled dampers, a newly developed front axle, M light alloy wheels with mixed tyres, an M sports brake system and an electronically controlled limited slip differential or LSD. What makes this announcement significant is the fact that BMW normally reserves an LSD for full-fledged M models. Also, since 'xDrive' isn't mentioned in its name, it is likely that the roadster is rear-wheel drive only, promising some old-school, tail-out thrills.

One look at the camouflaged car and it seems faithful to the concept revealed last year in Pebble Beach. Like the concept, the production car sports upswept headlights and shows a new and unique take on the signature 'angel eye' look. Of course, there's the wide kidney grills and it sports a pattern unique to this model. Also, the front bumpers have defined edges with large air intakes on each corner.

It does, however, lose the flying buttresses from the concept, making it look more like a roadster and less of a speedster. Slim L-shaped tail lights define the rear while the M bumper at the back shows air outlets at the corners.

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