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2019 Dodge Challenger Redeye unleashes over 800 HP of fury


Dodge Challenger Hellcat retains crown of 'most powerful muscle car'

707 horsepower in the Dodge Challenger Hellcat not enough? Well the American automaker has rectified that 'problem' by giving the muscle car a little more power. For the power-crazed muscle car enthusiast, they even added a new variant which, Dodge says, 'is a Hellcat possessed by a Demon'.

For 2019, the Challenger Hellcat gets a 10 PS bump to 727 PS, along with a whopping 890 Nm of torque. If that's still not enough, Dodge has introduced the Challenger Hellcat Redeye, and that makes a Demon-like 807 PS and a staggering 958 Nm of torque. With these figures, the Challenger Hellcat keeps its crown as the most powerful muscle car in production to date.


Those figures are pumped out by an uprated 6.2-liter supercharged HEMI V8. The extra power comes courtesy of a bigger supercharger, stronger pistons and connecting rods, tweaked valvetrain, better lubrication, higher engine redline (from 6200 rpm to 6500 rpm), as well as dual fuel injectors.

The result is a 0 – 97 km/h sprint of just 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 327 km/h for the Redeye. It can also cover 400 meters from a standstill in just 10.8 seconds with a trap speed of 210 km/h. You can choose to row your own thanks to a six-speed manual gearbox, although an eight-speed automatic is also available.

A wider body kit is available for both the standard Hellcat and the Redeye. There's also a dual snorkel hood for extra engine cooling. For the Redeye, it receives enhanced badging showing a red, jewel-like eye design on the Hellcat fender badge. A new die-cast SRT emblem on the supercharger housing also features the new Redeye logo.

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