We'll be the first to admit it: we're suckers for performance vehicles. It matters not if its a supercar, a hot hatchback, a performance truck, or even a high-powered SUV; if it looks exciting to drive, we'll gladly queue up to do so.

And that brings us to this latest creation from Ford. We've seen them do some great things like the new GT and, more recently (and relevantly, to us) the Ranger Raptor, but this new creation appears to be truly exciting.

It's called the Edge ST, a performance version of the facelifted Ford Edge. And the company has just begun to release a 3-part documentary that shows how it drives, feels, and more importantly, how it sounds. 

Ford says that “ST” stands for Sports Technology, and has a history that spans more than 20 years. These variants generally have improved performance and handling, making them a joy for those that enjoy the thrill of driving.

Ford Edge ST

Many ST variants have been well received in the markets they were launched in, but the Edge is the first time Ford has applied the ST package to a crossover SUV. It's powered by a 335 horsepower 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 engine, an 8-speed automatic, improved seats and better brakes. Ford says the Edge ST can reach a top speed of 208+ km/h (130+ miles per hour). 

Ford has made no announcement whether the Edge ST will be available in markets outside of North America, particularly the Philippines. In 2006, Ford Philippines did have a single Focus ST unit for press demonstration, but never followed through with the launch of the ST line.

We could keep our fingers crossed though, as Ford Philippines has started to bring in one of the brand's more exciting models from the Ford Performance (of which the ST is a part of) line: the new Ranger Raptor.