So you've made it to the higher levels of the corporate ladder, and you want a car to match your new position. A mid-size sedan would be nice place to start, but you also want something with a bit more flair, but not too showy at the same time. Honda may have the answer for that.

2019 Honda Accord Modulo is one for the sporty executive image

The Japanese automaker has revealed Modulo editions for their their executive sedan, the Accord. Yes, editions, as they have three kits available for the mid-size sedan. These are Aero Smart, Aero Sport, and Aero Supreme, and all appear rather subtle for a body kit, too.

Starting with the Aero Smart package, it gets a deeper chin, side skirts, and rear bumper extensions. Opt for the Aero Sport and it adds a subtle trunk lip spoiler. As for the Aero Supreme pack it has the aforementioned bumper and side skirt kits, as well as the spoiler, but now includes a mesh grill, and a rear bumper garnish.

2019 Honda Accord Modulo is one for the sporty executive image

That being said, this is an appearance package and there are no performance upgrades to be found under the hood. The Thai-spec Accord, which is likely to be similar to the model that could come here soon, does have a rather potent engine from the start. It gets the familiar 1.5-liter turbo from the Civic but it makes 192 PS instead of the usual 172 PS from its smaller sibling. There's even a hybrid version with 212 PS, but we're not likely to have that variant.

As for the local release of the Accord, there is no date set yet. But if ever it does get launched here, at least our local executives have the option of spicing up their chariot.