Remember the stylish Honda HR-V Mugen we got to test a few years back? Well, with the launch of the refreshed HR-V in 2018, we expected a Mugen-kitted version to make an appearance sometime soon after. However, it wasn’t until this year’s Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) did Honda finally reveal the 2019 HR-V Mugen.  

The new HR-V Mugen is based on the 1.5L Special Edition variant sold by Honda Indonesia. Compared to its predecessor, the changes made by the Mugen kit are a lot more subtle, especially at first glance. In particular, there is no thick silver bar with a Mugen badge at the center that runs the width of HR-V’s face. Instead, there is now a thick chrome grill retaining the factory H-emblem.

2019 Honda HR-V gets kitted out with Mugen bits image

Other upgrades from Mugen include a new front and rear under spoiler, side skirts and rear spoiler which help give the HR-V a sportier look. Completing the exterior changes are Mugen decals just below the window line and emblems. Interestingly, no changes were made to the wheels this time as the HR-V Mugen continues to ride on the same 17-inch, five-spoke wheels as the standard unit.

Inside, there are more Mugen bits added such as Mugen floor mats as well as an emblem above the transmission lever. Aside from those, the interior is essentially the same as what you would find in a standard HR-V.

Like the previous HR-V Mugen though, the upgrades are merely visual. This means that no power upgrades were made to the HR-V’s engines.

For those wondering whether the HR-V Mugen be offered here, we will have to wait for Honda Cars Philippines. Maybe they will, if we all ask nicely.