Last month, Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. debuted the new Hyundai Accent. However, they didn't reveal pricing at the time, simply stating a ballpark figure of about Php 725,000 for entry-level models, all the way to Php 1,000,000 for the range topper. Now, Hyundai has revealed official pricing, and its actually not far off their initial figure.

So the moment you've been waiting for, the Hyundai Accent starts at Php 750,000 for the entry-level 1.4 GL M/T with no airbags. If you want the automatic, the 1.4 GL A/T with no airbags retails for Php 798,000. Go for the airbag-equipped gas models and they go for Php 798,000 and Php 850,000 for the manual and automatic variants, respectively.

Hyundai is still the sole automaker in the country to offer turbo-diesel power in the subcompact sedan class. There are two variants for the diesel-fed Accent, and both come standard with airbags. The six-speed manual Accent CRDi GL is priced at Php 870,000, while the automatic diesel Accent starts at Php 998,000.

Equipment levels are identical across the range, save for the non-airbag models which don't come with the feature. That means all of them ride on 15-inch steel wheels with plastic wheel covers, come with manual climate control, 2-DIN stereo with LCD display (non-touchscreen), tilt-steering, and Aux-in and USB ports. Only the diesel models come with a hood insulator, likely to drown out the noise.

As for the engines, these have been largely carried over from the previous Accent. The gas range uses the same 1.4-liter mill with 100 PS and 132 Nm of torque. Curiously, the CRDI of this generation makes less power than the last model. The older Accent made 136 PS but the new one is down to 128 PS, although torque is retained at 260 Nm.