While it seems hatchbacks may be a way of life in Europe, in other parts of the world, the sedan still looks like the preferred body style. With that, Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed the four-door version of their A-Class. Simply dubbed the A-Class Sedan (or saloon, depending on where it's sold), it's the first time this model line gains a trunk as the CLA was treated as an entirely different model despite sharing its platform.

Mercedes-Benz isn't laying down all the cards on the table just yet. Only the front of the car is seen and the rear is yet to be shown as well. They also have yet to release the official spec sheet although they are making some noise about its aerodynamics.

2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class sprouts a trunk

According to the automaker, the A-Class Sedan has a drag coefficient rating (or Cd) of just 0.22, which is better than the hatchback's 0.25 Cd. Mercedes-Benz adds that its slippery shape helps make the sedan more fuel efficient as it will have less trouble cutting through the air. Also, Mercedes-Benz is claiming a world record for most aerodynamic production car.

As for the car itself, it shares the same front fascia as the hatchback from its headlights and hexagonal grill, right down to the corner air intakes which are designed to channel air around the sedan. Despite having the same wheelbase as the A-Class hatchback, the sedan gets unique rear doors and its roofline is slightly more upright than its sleeker looking (but less aerodynamic) five-door counterpart. As mentioned, there are no photos of the car's rear just yet.

Engines on the other hand are likely to be shared with that hatch. That means a range of four-cylinder, turbocharged mills which are either gas or diesel. Engine sizes range from 1.4-liters to 2.0-liters for gas-powered models. There is only one diesel option available and it's a 1.5-liter unit.