It has been 40 years since the first L200 rolled out of the Mitsubishi factories in Japan. Four decades hence, and five generations later, the reliable workhorse has helped bring mobility to more than 4 million people across the entire globe. But what has become of the beloved hauler from Mitsubishi?

For almost half a century the L200 or the Strada, as it has come to be called, has become a major part of the Philippine automotive scene. Whether as cargo carriers or as family ferries, this pickup has been a cornerstone for Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation and was in fact one of the longest-selling trucks in the country. In recent years, though, it is quite undeniable that the Strada seems to have lost its flair. With more and more choices coming into the pickup wars, some may have even seen this as a quiet exit for the Strada.

Those few may be proven wrong, though. Mitsubishi Motors has announced that on November 9, a new chapter in the L200/Strada story will be revealed. Just in time for its 40th birthday, Mitsubishi will pull the covers off the sixth-generation L200/Strada. For now, details are kept under tight wraps as of writing, but if what they say is anything to go by, the revived pickup line was designed to be “engineered beyond tough”.

Mitsubishi has apparently drawn it from the ground up based on feedback from actual L200 owners around the world. What they promise, then, is that the new model will have enhanced performance, functionality, durability, safety, and will be a lot more refined than all of its predecessors.

As mentioned, our country has seen the four decades of the L200, and news of this all-new generation is welcome news for Strada enthusiasts. The only question that remains is if we will, indeed, get it here in the Philippines. Watch this space as we find out more in the coming weeks up to its reveal.