Looking for a plush van that you can lounge on while stuck in traffic but can't quite afford a Toyota Alphard? Toyota has just released a more luxurious version of the all-new Hiace. It's called the Granvia and it looks sleeker, comfier and more elegant than the standard Hiace.

If the name sounds familiar, that's because Toyota has used the name before for a different version of the Hiace. Sold both in Europe and Japan, it gets a semi-hood design for better safety and has a flexible seating arrangement.

2019 Toyota Granvia is the plusher Hiace that we want image

On to the 2019 Granvia, it gets a fancier-looking front grill and headlights, additional chrome trim, as well as a nicer set of alloy wheels. There's even additional taillight garnishes at the back which give the Granvia a flashier finish. All well and good but perhaps the best upgrade done on the Granvia is its rear suspension. Unlike the Hiace which comes with a leaf spring, the Granvia swaps it out for a multi-link system for a softer ride.

Toyota Granvia image

If the exterior of the Granvia was interesting, it gets better when you step inside. Sure it gets the same dashboard layout as the Hiace brethren but that's where the similarities end. Faux wood trim, along with darker materials give the van a more upmarket look and finish. Meanwhile, captain seats provide that much needed comfort while on the road. Did we mention the Granvia can seat 8 people?

Toyota Granvia image

As far as in-car entertainment is concerned, it gets a high-tech touchscreen infotainment with a 12-speaker sound system. There are also four USB ports for charging or connecting handheld devices. Aside from that, the Granvia is also equipped with nine airbags, cruise control, pre-collision safety, and pedestrian detection.

Under the hood, the Granvia is powered by a turbo-diesel engine although Toyota did not mention as to what it is exactly. More than likely it's the same 2.8-liter mill that powers the Hiace.

Toyota Granvia image

Eager to get your hands on one? It might take a while as the all-new Granvia was just launched in Taiwan. However, since this van is left-hand drive, there's a pretty high chance that the Granvia will be offered here in the Philippnes. Who knows, maybe the Granvia will become the basis for the Super Grandia?