When Toyota Motor Philippines (not to mention Toyota Motor Corporation) surprised all of us when they decided to hold the world premiere of the new generation Toyota Hiace in Bonifacio Global City, they became the first automaker to hold a global debut in the country. The Hiace world premiere saw the introduction of the Hiace Commuter Deluxe, the GL Grandia, as well as the massive GL Grandia Tourer.

There was, however, one major absence in that list: where was the version of the Hiace with the captain's seats? Where was the Hiace Super Grandia?

Well, now we can confirm it. Toyota Motor Philippines has just announced that they will be launching the much anticipated Hiace Super Grandia on August 19. The Super Grandia in the past has served as a more luxurious version of the Hiace, but a more affordable option (with diesel power) compared to the Alphard.

Toyota Hiace Super Grandia image

Toyota, however, didn't mention any details and will undoubtedly retain them for the launch, but we were already able to get the information that many of you have wanted: the variants, specifications, and the prices of the 2020 Toyota Super Grandia that will be officially launched in just over 2 weeks.

According to our very reliable source, there are six variants for the 2020 Toyota Hiace Super Grandia (AKA Granvia in other markets), namely:

2020 Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L Elite 2-Tone: PhP 2,890,000

2020 Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L Elite: PhP 2,875,000

2020 Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L Leather 2-Tone: PhP 2,525,000

2020 Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L Leather: PhP 2,510,000

2020 Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L Fabric 2-Tone: PhP 2,435,000

2020 Hiace Super Grandia 2.8L Fabric: PhP 2,420,000

Toyota Hiace Super Grandia image

The photos shown here are of the Toyota Granvia, which is the name of the Super Grandia in other markets. Our source tells us that are no mechanical differences between the variants of the 2020 Super Grandia as the differences are mainly with upholstery, colors, and features.

It is important to note that the powertrain of the Super Grandia will not be based on the high-roof variant that we know to be the Tourer. Instead it will be based on the GL Grandia, and that means it will have the same power and torque figures as the 2.8-liter engine in that model: 163 PS and 450 Nm. All models will come with a 6-speed auto.

The major difference is that the Super Grandia will have dual sliding doors instead of a single sliding door. The Elite version will have dual power sliding doors.

All models of the Super Grandia line will have 4 captain's seats instead of the second and third row seats found in the Grandia. The two base variants of the Super Grandia will have fabric upholstery, while the two mid-grade variants will have leather.

The Elite version will be much more upscale; we were told that it will have Alphard-like captain's seats with power ottomans, and will have quilted leather upholstery. Yes, just like an expensive couch.

Toyota Hiace Super Grandia image

Standard across the Super Grandia range will be the many safety features that Toyota is putting into all their models like a long list of airbags (9 in the Super Grandia), stability control, and anti-lock brakes.

The Elite, however, will also have the most features befitting its status, chief of which is Toyota Safety Sense. That includes lane departure alert, pre-collision system, including adaptive cruise control. The Elite will also have full LED front lighting, a rear back up camera, headlamp washers and more.

Interior color options will depend on the variant: Elite and Leather versions will have Black interiors while Fabric variants will come with Black/Neutral Beige interiors. This latter part is unclear, but we've been told that customers for each variant can indent order the other interior color for their units. We'll have to confirm that last bit at the launch itself. 

The Super Grandia is also known as the Granvia in other markets and has different details compared to the standard GL Grandia such as the headlamps, grill, front bumper, rear garnish, taillights, and other bits and pieces to make it look more upscale compared to the Grandia.

Color options include Luxury Pearl Toning, Black, Gray Metallic, and White Pearl Crystal Shine. For those looking for a "low-maintenance" color option, silver will not be an option unfortunately. 

When Toyota launches the Super Grandia, you can bet that we'll make sure to get shots of all its important features and upgrades.