The hybrid crossover market has been making some noise in the past couple of years. However, the idea of making it performance-oriented wasn't exactly top priority. This year however, Toyota wants to stir things up with the RAV4 Hybrid.

Thanks to the added boost provided by the electric motors, the RAV4 Hybrid makes well over 200 PS. Once it goes on sale in the coming months, it's set to go head to head with the likes of the Subaru Forester e-Boxer, and Honda CR-V Hybrid.

2019 Toyota RAV 4 takes the sporty hybrid route

The main trump card of the RAV4 Hybrid against the two mentioned is its power output. Thanks to a new 2.0-liter engine and electric motors, the gas-electric crossover produces a combined output of 222 PS. For comparison basis, the Forester e-Boxer musters 145 PS while the CR-V Hybrid makes 181 PS. That's 41 horsepower more than the Honda and a substantial 77 more than the Subaru.

With those figures, Toyota is claiming that the RAV4 Hybrid can do the 0 to 100 km/h sprint in 8.1 seconds. They also say that it can return up to 22.2 kilometers per liter.

2019 Toyota RAV 4 takes the sporty hybrid route

Besides the power, another highlight is its all-wheel drive system. Instead of using a driveshaft to send power to the rear wheels, the electric motors power them instead. Toyota calls it E-Four and can be activated on the fly should the driver fancy a spot of light off-roading. E-Four also activates under slipper conditions and hard acceleration.

But if hybrids aren't your thing, there's also a more pedestrian 2.0-liter to be offered in the future. It's an all-new engine, according to Toyota, although power figures have yet to be released. Should Toyota Philippines bring in the next-gen RAV4, the 2.0-liter engine might be under the hood.