So far, 2019 has been a big year for Toyota, and they have a lot of reasons to celebrate too. The Supra has launched a little over three months ago, but they've already sold out their allocation in Japan just a few weeks after the order books were opened. This is according to Toyota dealers in their home market.

Toyota began accepting orders for the Supra last March 9, meaning it just took them 11 days to be fully booked. That being said, the global supply of Supras appears to be steady. But if demand is as strong in Japan in export markets, those interested in buying the sports coupe in other countries may have to wait quite a while. Nonetheless, the fully booked reservations indicate that the revived Supra has all the potential to be a sales success for the brand.

You may be curious as to which Supra variant has been ordered the most. For some, it may come as no surprise that it's the top-spec RZ that's received the most reservations, according to Japanese Toyota dealerships. That particular model is powered by a BMW-sourced 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six engine which makes 340 PS and 500 Nm of torque. In its home market, the Supra RZ retails for ¥ 6.9 million, or approximately Php 3.3 million.

That being said, other Supra variants can still be ordered (if you're based in Japan). The entry-level SZ and mid-spec SZ-R can still be reserved. Unlike the RZ however, these two variants do not get straight-six power, receiving boosted four-cylinder engines instead. The SZ makes 190 PS while the SZ-R puts out 252 PS.

With this much demand for the fifth-generation Supra, what are the odds of it coming to the Philippines? So far, Toyota Motors Philippines isn't mentioning anything about the sports coupe, nor have they dropped hints as to whether or not it will be sold locally. While the idea seems far fetched, for now, TMP could have a surprise in store for us soon. After all, they did just hold the global debut of the all-new Hiace here.