Following several years of rumors, spy shots, and a decade and a half’s worth of waiting since the previous generation, it looks like we’re finally going to see the 2019 Toyota Supra in production trim very soon – and at a rather fitting venue at that. Being that the Goodwood Festival of Speed is a celebration of all things exquisite in the world of motorsports, it seems only apt then that Toyota’s next-gen high performance platform will make itself known on Lord March’s driveway.

Truth be told, news about the Toyota Supra makes for a sizeable chunk of articles on our pages the past few years. With every single detail being either leaked, caught, or heard by our spies, we’re never left without the latest scoop about the upcoming Mk. V A90 Supra. For starters initial pieces on the vehicle kicked off with an interesting note of its joint development with the BMW Z4 – a first collaboration for both companies.

Then followed suit with news of a BMW-sourced turbo straight-six making its way into the engine bay, perhaps the only fitting configuration for this car following the success of the A80. Last – and perhaps most controversial – is the confirmation that the new Toyota Supra will not come with a manual transmission as per Toyota Global Chief Designer Tetsuya Tada.

After years of being fed tidbits of details on this much awaited model, it would be a huge relief for all of us to finally bear witness to the production version of the Toyota Supra. So is Toyota ready to finally ready to return their brawny coupe to the lineup? We’ll find out at this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed.