Following the launch of the 2019 Vios, the reception to Toyota's well-recognized sub-compact sedan has been tremendous. From show room units to mall displays, it is apparent that the Vios has not lost any of its appeal through the years. No, it is no longer just a car for the daily commute, but it is also an easy choice for those who see the entire package that is bundled in the all-new model. As such, it may very well be said that it has risen to become a superstar in its own class.

This November, witness blockbuster stars driving our blockbuster cars, as Gerald Anderson and Anne Curtis join forces in a thrilling new commercial for the All-New Toyota Vios. The heart-pounding scenes highlight the top-spec model’s best qualities in just under 90 seconds, playing around its stylish exterior and daredevil attitude. From action and romance, to silver screen and beyond, Gerald and Anne truly complement in that unmistakable tagline: My Vios, My Drive!