In a month's time, Chevrolet will finally be revealing the next-generation C8 Corvette, featuring a new mid-engine layout for the first time. While most owners will likely be enjoying the C8 out of the box, there will surely be some that will be modifying the car from the get-go. However, unlike Corvettes of the past, tuners and aftermarket guys may have a hard time upgrading the C8's engine as it will reportedly have an 'untunable' engine control unit (ECU).

According to Muscle Cars and Trucks, the 2020 C8 Corvette could reportedly have an encrypted ECU, preventing aftermarket companies from modifying and tuning the engine management system. Yes, encrypted ECUs are nothing new, but the C8 Corvette will supposedly be unique in a sense that it will have a 'heightened sense of cybersecurity'. This would then prevent it from being hacked and protect GM's customers from a cybersecurity standpoint as the new ECU will have over-the-air updates. At the same time, this could also be a barrier for tuners planning to tweak the ECU.

“We are going to do everything we can to protect our customers from a cybersecurity standpoint. Global B I think is going to be the standard of the industry in terms of the encrypted messaging that travels on our bus between modules. There’s a clean side and dirty side to that,” said GM president Mark Reuss.

When asked about tuners tinkering with the car's software, Reuss says that they “don't wanna cut anybody out from an aftermarket standpoint, but we have to pick and choose who are the good guys.” This could mean that only a handful of tuners could be allowed to modify the C8's ECU.

For now, only time will tell whether the C8 Corvette will have a tuneable ECU. In the past, Nissan said that the R35 GT-R's ECU was untunable. But in just a few weeks after its debut, aftermarket companies were already offering reflashing service to boost power.

Source: Muscle Cars and Trucks