Yearning for a Raptor version of the Ford Everest? If yes, well, so have we. We've been imagining a beefed up Everest that can take on dunes (or in our case, lahar beds) like a rally car. We sure hope Ford does build one for production soon.

2020 Ford Everest Sport is, sadly, no Raptor image

But if you've been wanting an Everest that at least resembles a Raptor right now, there is some good news. Ford has announced a new variant of the popular SUV. Added for 2020 is the Sport model, and it's as close as it gets to the idea of an Everest Raptor.

For starters, the color is somewhat close to the one we see on the Ranger Raptor, and the blacked out trims add a bit more aggression to the SUV. We're digging the black accents on the center intake and foglight housings, as well as on the door mirrors and roof rail. The wheels on the other hand are essentially the ones you find on the Titanium models, albeit finished in gloss black.

2020 Ford Everest Sport is, sadly, no Raptor image

But one particular difference that makes it stand out is its grill. Instead of the three-bar grill you see on the Titanium and Titanium + variants, the Sport has a much more aggressive-looking mesh grill, finished in black, of course. There's also the word Everest spelled out on the hood, which seems to be a trend these days, and Sport decals on the bottom part of the rear doors.

2020 Ford Everest Sport is, sadly, no Raptor image

As for the interior, it gets blue accents all over the cabin. That ranges from blue stitchings on the dashboard and seats, as well as blue highlights on the door panels. Further differentiating it from the Titanium and Titanium + are the blue panels on the dashboard fascia, which are typically glossy dary grey. Safety equipment remains the same with seven airbags, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, and many more.

Engine choices on the other hand include the familiar 3.2-liter TDCI turbodiesel or the Raptor-sourced 2.0-liter BiTurbo EcoBlue diesel. It also only comes with four wheel drive. However, those engine choices are for the Australian market and the rest of Asia and Oceania are likely to use the single turbo version of the 2.0-liter EcoBlue diesel and have a rear-wheel drive only option.

The Sport edition slots below the Titanium and Titanium + variants in the Everest hierarchy, and we sure hope Ford Philippines brings it in. It may not be a Raptor, but at least it has Raptor power, right?