Yesterday, Honda announced that the next-generation Jazz will be coming this year. To be revealed at this year's Tokyo Motor Show, it means we're jut a few months away from seeing Honda's all-new hatch for what could be all of the next decade. However, it is worth pointing out that the City is also heavily based on the Jazz, so it begs the question: when will that arrive?

Here's what we know so far. We're also bringing out our crystal ball to figure out what Honda's subcompacts will be like as well.

So far, there are two details confirmed. First, the launch date of the Jazz. As previously mentioned, mark your calendars on October 23 as we'll be there to cover its world debut. And since it will be revealed in the third quarter of 2019, it will be considered a 2020 model.

Second, the powertrain; Honda has mentioned that it will be available with hybrid power. They say that it will utilize the i-MMD hybrid setup, which is currently seen in models like the Accord Hybrid and Insight. It is possible that the figures will be similar to the Insight, meaning an electrically-assisted 1.5-liter mill with 153 PS although it could be detuned for the Jazz and City.

2020 Honda City, Jazz: What we know so far image

As for the other details, it has been reported time and again that the next-generation Jazz and City could also be offered with a small displacement turbocharged engine. The 1.0-liter VTEC Turbo inline three has been touted to power both subcompacts. It's already doing service under the hood of the Euro-spec Civic and it makes 129 PS with 200 Nm of torque. Another possible option is to retain the 1.5-liter engine seen in the current models.

But "what will it look like?", you might ask. One look at the Civic and you might get an idea as to how the Jazz and City might look. We're expecting a variation of Honda's 'Solid Wing Face' look with its thick grill bar and slim headlights. Also, expect a growth in dimensions too, as almost every generation has gained a couple of inches through the years. It is also possible that the City could have the Civic's fastback-like rear end.

The interior on the other hand could likely be inspired by the Civic as well. That means a digital gauge cluster (possibly for top-spec models), a 'floating' touchscreen, wide center console, and touch-sensitive steering wheel controls. In addition, expect more room inside as well.

We already know when the Jazz is coming out, but the City's reveal date is still up in the air. But if we were to base it on the current model, the sedan was unveiled just a few days after the Jazz was launched back in 2014. Could it be that Honda has yet another surprise in the Tokyo Motor Show? As much as we'd love to answer that, it is still uncertain. But not to worry, we'll keep our eyes peeled on any updates about Honda Philippines' best-seller.