With the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show just one week away, the all-new Honda Jazz will soon be making it world debut. But while the entire globe is waiting in anticipation for Honda's global hatchback, its four-door sibling, the City is also set to be revealed in the metal after the Jazz.

When will it be shown? According to Headlightmag, it will supposedly be revealed next month in Thailand. That's right, the sedan version of the Jazz could be unveiled in the Land of Smiles. No exact date has been given by Honda but our best guess is that it might be shown at the 2019 Thailand Motor Expo.

As reported last February, the new City will apparently have a smaller, downsized turbocharged three-cylinder. Designed to to meet Thailand's Phase 2 Eco-Car program, the smaller engine will supposedly meet stricter emission laws, as well as improve fuel consumption.

2020 Honda City to debut in Thailand this November? image

Upon launch, the downsized engine will supposedly still make about 120 PS but will have more torque at 200 Nm. In addition, a choice of either a six-speed manual or CVT will be available for the City. When compared to the upcoming Nissan Almera, the new City may produce 20 PS more but have the same amount of torque.

But where does the 1.5-liter L15 engine go? Well we have some good news as it will reportedly not be discontinued. Instead, the automaker will only make it available via a hybrid option. While it could still produce the same amount of power, the aid of electric motors may further give the City additional horsepower and torque. Most importantly, however, the new City is also expected to have improved fuel economy thanks to the Hybrid i-MMD system.

Without anymore details to go on, we all have just have to wait and see until November arrives. Look on the bright side, once Honda removes the covers off the 2020 Jazz at the Tokyo Motor Show, we might get to see what the all-new City may eventually look like. Fingers crossed the new one will keep its dashing looks as from before.