Do you like what Modulo did to the 2020 Honda Jazz?

When Honda unveiled the 2020 Jazz (or Fit, as its known in Japan) during the Tokyo Motor Show a few months ago, there were a lot of comments about its new look. To say it was divisive is putting it lightly. One thing is for sure though, it looks different.

Honda is set to reveal what's called the Fit Modulo X at the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon next month. However, Honda was a little bit too excited to reveal the car as they showed pictures of it as early as now. One look at the car and you'll see one very noticeable difference. If you still missed it, we'll point it out for you: it has a grill.

One has to say that it does alter the overall look of the front, and it might even sway others to change their opinion on the car. As it is a Modulo, it gets a sportier kick, and there are other changes to the rest of the Jazz/Fit's body.

2020 Honda Jazz Modulo X sprouts a grill image

First off, it gets gloss black highlights and finishes from bumper to bumper. There's a black strip on the grill, on the flanks, and on the tailgate panel between the tailgate. Also, the roof is painted black, as well as the side mirrors and tailgate spoiler. Not only that, it has Modulo-specific front and rear bumpers, along with special wheels to go along with it.

Honda didn't say if there will be upgrades under the hood. What is more possible however are chassis and suspension parts that could be added to the small hatchback. As it is Modulo, this appearance package can be paired to most variants of the Fit. Specific parts can also be fitted on to the car if the buyer prefers just one Modulo part.

For now, we don't know when the 2020 Fit/Jazz will arrive in the Philippines. Given that Modulo parts are also sold in the Philippines, there's a good chance we'll be seeing these on our shelves when the car gets launched here.