Earlier this month, Honda announced that they will be unveiling the next-generation Jazz (called the Fit in its home market) at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. While the main event is still a few months away, it looks like Honda has been doing more testing on the subcompact hatchback.

In fact, a Twitter user by the name of laimu_0206 spotted what could likely be the 2020 Jazz/Fit. The car was spotted parked along a road and even had its audio head unit exposed. Lucky for us, the Twitter user also took photos of the front, side, and rear, along with the interior.

The 2020 Honda Jazz is upon us image

It's still wearing heavy camouflage, so this probably isn't its final form yet. For instance, the hood line looks a little on the bulky side, suggesting that it's still wearing a false panel or two. The same goes for its grill area, which seems to have an extended 'snout'. What is seen, however, is its headlights, and it looks like we're back to the upswept design of the first and second-generation models.

The 2020 Honda Jazz is upon us image

Another hint suggesting that this is the 2020 Jazz is its front quarter window. All Jazz models since 2001 have had it, and the new one has a rather sizable one, too. The rear end on the other hand is of particular interest. It still has the large tailgate opening, but the tail lights now seem to extend all the way to the tailgate.

The 2020 Honda Jazz is upon us image

A peek of the interior shows that the 2020 Jazz now has a digital instrument cluster, similar to the Civic. There's also a glimpse of the car's center stack, showing a bit of its climate control system (which reverts back to knobs) and its navigation system. The steering wheel doesn't look like it was plucked from Honda's parts bin, featuring its own unique design.

As for the rest of the car, here's what we know so far: It will be unveiled in October, there will be hybrid options, and it will be one of Honda's most important all-new models for the next decade.

Source: laimu_0206 Twitter