Hyundai just can't get enough of crossovers. There's the Kona, Tucson, Santa Fe, Palisade, and the recently introduced Venue. Now, they're adding yet another one to the range in the form of the ix25. Further adding to the confusion is the fact that it slots in between the Kona and the Tucson.

The question now is this: Does it make sense for it to be introduced here? Or will Hyundai Philippines simply stick to the Kona as their smallest crossover offering here?

But first, the car: it is essentially the China-spec, next-generation Creta. As mentioned, it is slightly bigger than the Kona, as this ix25 hovers in the region of 4.2 meters. The Kona meanwhile measures in at 4.1 meters. It is worth noting that there are several design cues from the Kona and Venue applied here, namely the stacked headlights and the Y-shaped grill.

2020 Hyundai ix25 looks like a bite-sized Palisade image

It looks upright too, although not as much as its much smaller stablemate, the Venue. Also, the rear is of particular interest as it's unlike any other Hyundai we've seen before. Typical these days is the blacked-out front pillars, giving it a 'floating roof' look.

So far, there's no other information about the new ix25. Hyundai hasn't even released technical details on it just yet. As for its chances of being launched here, it could be pretty slim. Going back to 2016, Hyundai showed the Creta during that year's Manila International Auto Show. It was supposed to be offered here but it was the Kona that was sold here instead.

On the flipside, Hyundai Philippines could sell it here as they have brought in a product from Hyundai China. That model is the Reina, and it is possible that it could pave the way for more China-sourced models in the future, the ix25/Creta included.