When it comes to transformations, the all-new Hyundai Sonata made a dramatic one. With its futuristic interior and exterior design, it looks like Hyundai has kicked up their new design language up three notches. It's loaded with tech too, making it one of the most advanced cars to come out of South Korea.

Now, like its design, Hyundai is bringing the tech levels in the Sonata with the hybrid version. It has a pretty neat charging system to go along with it too. As it's a regular hybrid, there is no plug-in port to speak of. However, what it does have is a solar panel on the roof, which spans the entire length of the car's roof.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid gets its charge from the sun image

That means the Sonata Hybrid can charge on the go and isn't totally reliant on the vehicles brakes to top up the batteries. With the solar panel, Hyundai says the vehicle's batteries can be topped up in 6 hours from no charge. They added that it can help annual travel distance by up to 1,300 kilometers.

As it is a pure hybrid, the Sonata Hybrid has the ability to run on pure electric at low speeds. It also has some pretty impressive fuel economy figures, according to Hyundai. The automaker says their green mid-size sedan can do up to 20.1 kilometers per liter if fitted with smaller 16-inch alloys. On the bigger 17-inch wheels, the figure drops slightly to 19.1 kilometers per liter.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid gets its charge from the sun image

What about performance? The Sonata Hybrid uses a 2.0-liter Smartstream engine with continuously variable valve timing, which makes 152 PS. It is then paired to a single electric motor that puts out 38 kw, which is about 52 PS. Combined, the total output of the Sonata Hybrid is a decent 195 PS. As for its transmission, Hyundai didn't take the usual CVT (continuously variable transmission) route. Instead, they developed a six-speed automatic specifically made for the Sonata Hybrid.

Exterior differences between the standard model and the hybrid are minimal. Aside from the solar roof, it rides on smaller alloy wheels, has a 'cross-hole cascading grill', and a small trunk lip spoiler to aid aerodynamics.