Hyundai just can't stop rolling out crossovers. After the Palisade was launched here and abroad, they're busy working on yet another one. We don't have to wait that long for it either as it will be fully shown come next Wednesday, April 17. Unlike the Palisade however, Hyundai is redirecting their focus on the opposite end of the crossover spectrum.

That would be the Venue, which was teased a few weeks back. That time, they just showed us a name but with the sketch out, we now have a better idea as to how it could look like.

Judging from the sketches, it appears to draw a fair amount of inspiration from the Kona with its high-mount lights and cascading bumper lights. Also, there's the now signature Y-shaped grill most Hyundai vehicles now have these days. It also has a clamshell hood to give it a bit more presence. Meanwhile, the rest of the body sees defined angles and character lines.

2020 Hyundai Venue sketched out and coming soon image

Towards the rear, the window kinks upwards while the roof slopes downwards. The tailgate design apes the crossover's flanks by featuring even more creases and folds on the metalwork. Contrasting all that are a pair of squared-off tail lights.

2020 Hyundai Venue sketched out and coming soon image

Hyundai even sketched out the interior with more realistic proportions. Here, we see the brand's ‘T-design’ dashboard. There's the now in vogue 'floating' infotainment screen, along with a short, sweeping dashboard. All in all, the cabin blends it angular elements, complemented by organic curves and lines.

Should the reality be close to the concept, the Venue could be one of the bolder looking cars in its class. Once in production, it will slot in below the Kona, making it the smallest crossover in Hyundai's range to date.