MG sure is being aggressive in the market these days, and that effort seems to be paying off. We're starting to see more of them on the road too. MG Philippines has further upped the stakes by adding yet another model to the local range.

To our surprise, it won't be the HS crossover which we tried out earlier this year; at least for now. This time around, it will be a sedan in the form of the MG 5. So what exactly is it?

The MG 5 is essentially the international version of the Roewe i5, but that's not the end of that. It uses the General Motors Delta II platform, meaning this sedan is actually riding on the current-generation Opel Astra platform. And while MG Philippines is pitching it as a subcompact sedan, its dimensions paint a different story. Based on the Roewe i5's specs, the MG 5 measures in at 4,601 mm long which is actually more in line with the compact car (C-segment) arena.

It seems then that MG's plan for this model is to offer a compact car for subcompact prices. They're promising high equipment levels for the MG 5, as well as a comprehensive list of safety features. Exact specifications have yet to be mentioned, although we can base some of them from the aforementioned Roewe i5.

Looking at home market model (China), there are two engine selections, namely a 1.5-liter and a turbocharged option with also 1.5 liters. Given that MG Philippines is going for a value-minded model, we're expecting the naturally aspirated 1.5-liter engine to be offered here. That particular mill makes about 120 PS and 150 Nm of torque. With that engine, it can be paired to either a five-speed manual or a continuously variable transmission.

The MG 5 and its specs will be fully revealed on September 13 at the Cebu Motor Show.