Mitsubishi may have said that they're devoting more resources to crossovers, but that doesn't mean they'll abandon their passenger cars. In fact, there will be a new Mirage coming later this year. Mitsubishi Motors USA has announced that it will debut by November 2019. likely at the LA Auto Show.

However, Mitsubishi USA didn't mention just how new it will be. For all we know, it could be yet another facelift. MMNA (Mitsubishi Motors North America) didn't mention anything major aside from the fact that it will have automatic climate control standard on all variants. Then again, the Mirage is already almost eight years old, making it ripe for a full model change. Could this be the Nissan/Renault-based model? Curiously, they mentioned its price, which they're targeting at $13,995, about Php 715,000 at current exchange rates.

Then again, this is the North American market so the Mirage could soldier on in its current form over there. That said, Mitsubishi Motors former chief operating officer Trevor Mann said that the next-generation Mirage will be based on the Renault Clio, which is then based on the the Nissan Micra/March. Headlight magazine previously reported that its ASEAN debut could be at the 2019 Bangkok Motor Expo by the end of November this year. This somewhat suggests that the 2020 Mirage will be assembled in Thailand.

What about the sedan version, the G4? That looks like it will still hang on for a few more years. MMNA says it will have a bit of a facelift, saying that it will get a new grill by November this year. Also, the Mirage G4 badge will be relocated to the left side of the trunk lid. No major changes here, just a bit of a nip and tuck. In the US, the facelifted Mirage G4 will start at $14,995, approximately Php 766,000.