When you look at the present Volkswagen Philippines lineup, there seems to be one kind of model missing. What they don't have is an MPV, which was left vacant when the automaker decided to switch to SAIC-built (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) models.

But we're wishing that will change soon as the German automaker has introduced a new model that will, hopefully, fill in the void left by the Touran and Caddy. They call it the Viloran, and it's a pretty big MPV.

2020 Volkswagen Viloran is a Toyota Alphard fighter image

Just how big, you ask? At 5.3 meters long, it's about the same length as pick-up trucks. Should VW Philippines decide to sell it here, it will easily be the largest model in the current line-up. It looks in line with the current Volkswagen design language too, with its sizable grill and slim headlight combination. The long hood, on the other hand, gives you the impression that it's a crossover, but that's until you get to its side.

Instead of using hinged doors, the Viloran has sliding doors for the rear occupants, likely to aid ingress and egress. Like most new VW models, the flanks have three distinct character lines: one by the window, another striking through the door handles, and one near the bottom of the doors. As for the rear, there's the now-familiar C-shaped LED pattern on the taillights, along with a wide tailgate and integrated spoiler.

2020 Volkswagen Viloran is a Toyota Alphard fighter image

Volkswagen hasn't provided a photo of the Viloran's dash just yet, but they did show the rear accommodations. It seems that it has the premium market in mind due to the fact that it has ottoman seats in the second row, each of them individually adjustable. Even more amusing is the fact that these seats are electronically adjustable as well. This does hint that their MPV comes with a 2-2-3 seating configuration, much like the Toyota Alphard.

The Viloran is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter mill with no diesel option in sight. Not to worry as it's based on the same engine seen in the Golf GTI. It almost makes as much power as the hot hatch too as it's good for 223 PS and 340 Nm of torque. It then shifts via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

2020 Volkswagen Viloran is a Toyota Alphard fighter image

So why are we hoping that Volkswagen Philippines will sell it here? That's because SAIC-VW builds the Viloran, just like all the models now sold here. With that in mind, we're hoping we get the rest of SAIC-VW's line-up here. Just check out their home market range to see what we mean.