Volvo is preparing for a zero emissions future, and they have chosen their smallest crossover to serve as their first fully-electric model.

After first previewing it with the 40.1 crossover concept, the Swedish automaker is getting ready to reveal its electric future with the battery-powered XC40. Following the principal of less is more, Volvo claimed that removing certain things from cars will make them perform better.

Based on the initial sketches, the electric XC40 will look relatively the same as its gas-hybrid and turbo-diesel counterparts. However, the battery-powered XC40 will have a covered front grill since it no longer has an engine up front. What's more is that the cover will be finished in body color to make it visually-distinct from the rest.

Volvo XC40 to be their first fully-electric car image

And, since there's no engine under the hood, Volvo transformed it into a 'frunk' which can hold an additional 30-liters worth of cargo. In addition, the new covered grill will house the sensors for the new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) platform.

Pictures of the interior are not yet available although Volvo did say that it will have a new driver interface. It will also have a sportier interior design, as well as carpets made from recycle materials for a greener finish. Lastly, Volvo integrated the battery pack onto the floor itself in order to retain cabin space inside the XC40.

Volvo XC40 to be their first fully-electric car image

“The roots of Scandinavian design are based on visual clarity and the reduction of element. The XC40 is a great example of this, Its bold, instantly recognizable design is now even sleeker and more modern in the all-electric version. Without the need for a grille we have created an even cleaner and more modern face, while the lack of tailpipes does the same at the rear. This is the approach we will explore more and more as we continue down the road of electrification,” said Robin Page, Head of Design at Volvo Cars.

Volvo will officially reveal the battery-powered XC40 to the public on October 16, 2019.