Motorized bed cover now comes standard with Ranger Wildtrak 4x4

Privacy isn’t something everyone has for their cargo, especially with a pick-up. If they want to keep their stuff away from prying eyes, then aftermarket covers are the way to go. They don’t come cheap, and sadly, manufacturers don’t really provide them as OEM.

Alas, Ford has picked up (pun intended) on this need and decided to pack the Ranger with its own cover as standard. In a statement, Ford PH has confirmed that they now have an OEM solution for the Ranger, and it has a lot of good things that come with it.

Privacy in bed – Ford Ranger Wildtrak now comes with a roller shutter image

First off, it’s fully motorized. Opening and closing the Power Roller Shutter (as Ford calls it) can be done either with the key fob, a switch located on the bed cover, or via a button located on the dashboard. Just to be safe, the cover cannot be opened for so long as the doors are also locked. Yet another safety feature is the Shutter’s Anti-Pinch function. Similar to door windows, the Shutter stops and moves in the opposite direction the moment it feels any resistance when it’s closing.

For further flexibility, the Shutter’s side rails also come with recessed channels. That will make customization with aftermarket parts easier, too. Maintenance is easy, too. Ford claims that simply keeping the side rails clear and clean is enough to keep the Shutter in top-top shape. In time, a good PTFE or silicon-based spraying on either side of the Shutter canister may also help to maintain smooth movement and function. Low maintenance is always a plus.

Privacy in bed – Ford Ranger Wildtrak now comes with a roller shutter image

Here’s the catch, though, and there are two. The Power Roller Shutter only comes standard with the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4x4. And second, there’s no added cost applied. At its current SRP of PHP 1,728,000, you can now get the Roller Shutter with a Wildtrak 4x4.

So now comes the question of whether it can be or if it will be offered for the lower variants of the Ranger. We certainly hope it will. Ford PH has already “listened” to the calls for privacy for their pick-up beds. At this point, there’s no reason for them not to offer it as an OEM catalog part, right?