For decades, the International Motor Show Germany has been more commonly referred to as the Frankfurt Motor Show. After all, one of Europe's biggest motor shows has always been held in Germany's financial capital since the 50's.

But by next year, you have to start getting used to calling it another name. Come 2021, one of the world's most significant motor shows and Germany's biggest will move to another city. From Frankfurt, the International Motor Show Germany finds a new home in Munich.

Munich is located in the state of Bavaria, which is also home to BMW and Audi. In fact, both brands have a strong presence in that state with several assembly lines present there. At the same time, the whole state of Bavaria is right beside Baden-Württemberg, where the global headquarters of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are located. With that many brands within (relative) reach of each other, the move to Munich seems to be a logical move.

But the main reason for the move was explained by the German Association of the Automotive Industry. What they plan for 2021 and beyond is essentially a reboot of the motor show, transforming it from a motoring exhibition to a showcase of future mobility. Cars will still be launched during the show, but there's more transport concepts that will be shown there as well. With Munich aiming to be a 'smart city', the organizers of the show chose the city as it parallel to their intended direction.

This year will be the last time the International Motor Show Germany will be held in Frankfurt, and it's set from September 24 to October 1. After that, you might have to start getting used to calling it the Munich Motor Show.