These are the prices of the upcoming Geely Okavango

So we already know that Geely Philippines will soon be entering the seven-seater market with the all-new Okavango. Essentially a renamed Haoyue from China, the upcoming SUV will serve as the brand's first-ever three-row SUV.

Official prices of the all-new Okavango have yet to be revealed by Sojitz G Auto Philippines (SGAP), the official distributor of Geely cars in the country. However, it looks like an eager sales executive appeared to have released the prices ahead of the Okavango's official launch.

Apparently, the 2021 Okavango will come in two distinct variants: Comfort, and Urban. Both will be powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine that benefits from a 48V-EMS mild-hybrid system. The result is an engine that produces 190 PS and 300 Nm of torque, making it slightly more powerful than the Azkarra by 13 PS (torque remains unchanged, however).

Impressive numbers from such a small engine, but what really surprised us with the Okavango is its supposed pricing. The entry-level Comfort will start at just PhP 1,208,000 while the range-topping Urban will apparently retail for PhP 1,328,000. That would make the 2021 Okavango one of the most affordable seven-seater SUVs for its size in the market.

Will 2021 Geely Okavango be cheaper than TOTL Azkarra? image

Aside from that, the Okavango could also be more affordable than the top-of-the-line Azkarra Luxury 48V EMS which retails for PhP 1,598,000. We're not entirely sure as to why the Okavango is cheaper than the more compact Azkarra, but we're betting the Okavango does not come with all-wheel-drive which could have helped Geely drop its price even further.

Another thing worth mentioning is that these could be special introductory prices. Last week, when SGAP announced the upcoming arrival of the Okavango, the company will provide savings as much as PhP 90,000 for early reservations. But despite adding the PhP 90,000 to the supposed prices of the Okavango, it is still significantly cheaper than the TOTL Azkarra mentioned earlier.

Should Geely be serious with these prices, it looks like they want to take a bigger slice of the SUV market with the Okavango. But given that it will be priced less than the five-seater Azkarra, would it take away sales of the more compact Azkarra crossover?

All we can do now is wait until Geely officially launches the Okavango in the Philippine market.