As more automakers invest in electric vehicle technologies, there is another race brewing among manufacturers. Almost everyone is rushing to build a relatively low-cost electric vehicle to make these plug-ins more attainable for the masses. MG wants to take on that challenge with the EP.

2021 MG EP wants to bring EVs to everyone image

If it looks familiar, that's because it's based on the MG5. The body was then turned into a station wagon, or, as the Brits say, an estate. From the front up to the middle, it shares a lot with the sedan. But when you get to the back, it has unique doors and taillights, along with a wide tailgate. The EP doesn't have a radical design nor electric vehicle badges, so it looks like any other fuel-fed car out there.

2021 MG EP wants to bring EVs to everyone image

The interior should be a familiar sight for MG5 owners, as the EP's dashboard appears to be lifted straight from the four-door. From the slim air-conditioning vents to the wide touchscreen, its design is identical. The only cues you get identifying this as an EV are the digital instrument cluster and the gear selector dial.

Since this is a station wagon, it offers plenty of cargo space, especially once the back seats are folded. MG claims the total cargo area of the EP is 1,456 liters, which is more than some compact crossovers and MPVs.

2021 MG EP wants to bring EVs to everyone image

So, what powers this electric estate? It uses a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 50.3 kWh that uses liquid cooling to keep the charge stable. The battery is then paired to a permanent magnet synchronous motor, just like other electric vehicles. Total output is rated at 120 kW, which roughly translates to 163 PS. As for torque, it has 260 Nm worth of pull. On a full, single charge, MG claims the EP can go as far as 380 kilometers.

Now for the price, and it's THB (Thai Baht) 988,000. Converted to local currency, that's approximately PHP 1,573,000 at current exchange rates. Should MG Philippines bring it in, it would be the only electric-powered station wagon sold in the country. If anything, MG might carve out their niche if the EP becomes a success in Thailand, and a good reason for the local distributor to introduce it here.

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