If there is one very controversial model in Mitsubishi Motor's lineup, it's the Eclipse Cross. First introduced in 2017, the Eclipse Cross serves as one of the brand's smallest crossovers. For those wondering, it looked nothing like the Eclipse coupe/roadster from before. Instead, it looked more like a restyled Outlander.

After three years on the market, Mitsubishi will soon be giving the Eclipse Cross a styling update. Based on the teaser the automaker released, it will be a major makeover. It's hard to tell what exactly are the new changes from the teaser. But the front end looks significantly different from the current design. Meanwhile, the rear looks like it will get a new set of taillights.

To see the complete changes, we will have to wait until Mitsubishi finally reveals the updated Eclipse Cross. However, they did say that the refreshed model was inspired by the e-Evolution Concept. Furthermore, they add that the new look features “a more upscale and energetic design” to match the “sleek SUV styling”.

With that in mind, we wouldn't be too surprised if the facelift makes it look more like the brand's current lineup of vehicles. Unfortunately, for fans of the original Eclipse, the updated model will still be a crossover. Sorry guys.

Apart from styling, the updated Eclipse Cross will also get a plug-in hybrid option. This will be the same plug-in hybrid powertrain used in the Outlander PHEV. For reference, the powertrain in the Outlander PHEV produces 236 horsepower and 300 Nm torque from a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine paired with an electric motor.

The redesigned Eclipse Cross is set to debut in Q1 of 2021. As such, expect to see more teasers from Mitsubishi in the coming months.