At the moment, you have a chance to win over PHP 112.6 million if you hit the Superlotto jackpot. But say you're lucky enough to get the prize money, it still won't be enough to buy Pagani's latest creation.

It's called Huayra Tricolore, and it starts at a whopping USD 6.7 million. If that's not enough, you can put in add-ons that jack up the price to stratospheric levels. To put things in perspective, $ 6.7 million is PHP 322,236,500 when converted to local currency. That means you're short by PHP 209.6 million should you win the Ultralotto today.

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So, what makes this hypercar special? There's the exclusivity, as Pagani says they will only make three of these. But that's not the only reason why it carries a price tag of over PHP 300 million. It has a much more powerful engine under the hood too. Whereas the standard Huayra packs an already potent 764 PS and 1,000 Nm of torque, the Tricolore comes out swinging with 840 PS and 1,100 Nm of torque. Make sure to hang on tight because this wild Huayra is rear-wheel drive only.

Pagani did not release any performance figures for the Huayra Tricolore. However, we're expecting it to accelerate faster than the standard model's 3.3 seconds. If anything, we might be looking at sub-three second 0 to 100 km/h time for this extremely exclusive model. We also reckon it can sail past 360 km/h, which is the top speed of the regular Huayra.

Winning the Ultralotto isn

Other upgrades? The body is finished in blue carbon fiber, and the red, white, and green stripes (hence, Tricolore) pay tribute to Aermacchi MB-339 used by the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air Force). It also has a redesigned front bumper with a more prominent splitter and air intakes.

The air scoop is redesigned to push more cold air into the engine. It also has a new diffuser for enhanced downforce, which then improves handling. And speaking of downforce, the wing is built into the rear hood from a single piece of carbon fiber.

Winning the Ultralotto isn

Interestingly, the Tricolore isn't the most powerful or extreme Huayra ever made. There was the Pearl Edition back in 2016, and that one had 1,350 PS and a lighter chassis. Pagani only made one Pearl edition, and it's not for sale.