If there's one thing that customers look for when buying a pick-up truck aside from carrying heavy loads, is its ability to ford through high waters. Thanks to its generous ground clearance, tall ride height, and 4WD capability, it's not uncommon to see pick-up trucks take on floodwaters with ease.

So when Ford Philippines launched the all-new F-150 a few weeks ago, we were curious just how high its water wading depth is. With exterior dimensions measuring 5885mm long, 2029mm wide, and 1961mm tall, the F-150 is 531mm longer, 169mm wider, and 113mm taller than the Ranger Wildtrak.

Ford Ranger has higher water wading than F-150 image

Since the F-150 is the bigger pick-up overall, does this mean it has a higher water wading depth than the Ranger? Not exactly. Despite its gargantuan size, Ford says the F-150's water wading capability is only rated at 600mm. This means the Ranger has a better water wading depth of 800mm.

Why is this the case? If you take a look at the two pick-ups up front, you'll immediately notice that the F-150's front bumper sits low to the ground. Meanwhile, the Ranger's bumper is much higher off the ground. One also has to take into consideration the placement of each pick-up's air intake. We have yet to check where the F-150's intake is under the hood, but given its water wading depth of just 600mm, it's most likely placed lower than the Ranger's.

Ford Ranger has higher water wading than F-150 image

So if you happen to be thinking of braving floodwaters with the F-150, better make sure you won't end floating in the middle of the flood. Better yet, why not wait for it to subside before continuing on your journey.

If you're still unsure, check out our feature about the 8 signs that you shouldn't drive through that flood. Remember, fixing a car that stalls out in the middle of a flood isn’t cheap.