What will the next Honda BR-V be like?

A few months ago, Honda presented the N7X concept. It showed what Honda had in mind for their new-generation subcompact MPV crossovers, and it looked promising indeed. But peel away the concept car shroud and the N7X name, and it was essentially a preview of the next-generation BR-V.

2022 Honda BR-V: What we know so far image

In the months following the concept's reveal, Honda has yet to reveal any specs or additional info on the future BR-V. However, a leaked document has supposedly shed some light on a few specifications. It even shows the chassis code of the all-new BR-V.

Per the document, the redesigned BR-V will have the chassis code DG1 or DG3. The variant line-up also gets reshuffled for the 2022 model year. The base model is still the S, but the mid-spec variant is now dubbed the E. Curiously, there is a variant called Pre listed in the sheet, and it's likely a Premium variant that serves as the top-spec version.

2022 Honda BR-V: What we know so far image

All in all, there are six available variants for the BR-V, according to the document at least. This includes the 1.5 S M/T, 1.5 S CVT, 1.5 E M/T, 1.5 E CVT, 1.5 Premium CVT, and 1.5 Premium HS. That said, note that the list comes from Indonesia so some of it might not be applicable for the local market.

The HS tag linked to one of the variants also caught our attention. Could the HS mean Honda Sensing for the subcompact MPV-Crossover? After all, the Japanese automaker is pushing that tech for more models, and making an effort to fit it standard on most cars. If so, it's a good initiative from Honda to offer even safer cars in ASEAN.

2022 Honda BR-V: What we know so far image

So when will Honda reveal the second-generation BR-V? According to a report from Indonesia, we can expect it to break cover by August this year. If it's true, then we're just a few months away from getting its full specifications. It might even be here by early 2022.