If you ever wanted a people mover from Hyundai, they have several crossovers available, ranging from subcompact (Venue) to full-size (Palisade). But if they need a van, there is only one option, the Starex. Well, there’s also the H-350. But let’s be honest, it’s way too big for everyday use.

Soon, a new people mover will be on its way, and it’s called the Custo. Images of the Custo van made their way onto the internet thanks to China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), where the minivan was recently homologated. Unlike the Starex/Staria, which looks very futuristic, Hyundai decided to go for a more contemporary design.

From the front, the Custo looks a lot like the current-generation Tucson. The headlights are integrated into the design of the large grille for a cleaner look. But that’s about where the similarities with the Tucson end. The rest of the body is what you'd find on a typical minivan with a sliding door and a tall roof. Interestingly, the minivan does have black fender moldings, giving it a more rugged look.

Hyundai Custo is the Starex’s smaller sibling image

At the back, there’s a full-width LED taillight just below the back glass. The company name is spelled out across the black trim for contrast. A good chunk of the bumper is also finished in black to match the rest of the vehicle. There’s also a faux skid plate for good measure.

While the Starex/Staria is a large van, the Custo is a bit more maneuverable. It measures 4,950 mm long, 1,850 mm wide, and 1,734 mm tall with a 3,055mm wheelbase. It's not exactly compact, but it's under five meters long. However, the Custo doesn’t have a diesel option. The lone engine optioned mentioned by the MIIT report is a 1.5-liter gasoline engine good for 167 horsepower.

While the photos effectively show off the Hyundai Custo's exterior, the minivan has yet to be officially revealed. With that, we still don't know what the interior looks like. Fortunately, we won't have to wait long. It will likely make its debut at the upcoming Auto Shanghai next week.