Nissan had two big events last week, namely the launch of the all-new Pathfinder and redesigned Frontier. But during the flurry of debuts, there is one Easter Egg that caught the attention of those who attended the virtual launches.

It seems that they left a production version of the next-generation Z out in the open. A glimpse of it was seen during the livestream event. It's unknown if Nissan left it there on purpose or by accident. Whatever the case is, we're glad the camera swung in that direction.

So, is it the production version of the much-anticipated sports coupe? Let's examine the screenshot.

Production Nissan Z (accidentally) leaked? image

There are some differences between the grey car and the yellow car. For starters, the hood on the gray coupe seems to be set higher than the concept car. It may seem trivial, but raising the hood of the car is usually done to meet pedestrian safety standards. That's also something automakers do for compliance.

Production Nissan Z (accidentally) leaked? image

Another clue: side skirts and ground clearance. It doesn't sit as low as the concept, and the gray car doesn't have the same side skirts as the Proto Z. A different set of wheels also caught our attention, and this one seems to be wearing multi-spoke alloys. Then there's the black panel on the rear bumper. It appears larger on the gray car compared to the concept.

Some sites suggest that the gray car is a mock-up. But the subtle differences hint that, at the very least, it's a pre-production model. Of course, Nissan won't tell anyone the answer to that to keep the suspense (and buzz) for the all-new Z going. At the same time, they're not telling the world when they're launching the road-going version. But given the mock-up, we could see it towards the end of 2021 or early 2022.