It might only be three months into 2021, but Subaru is just about ready to debut the next-generation WRX. The all-new performance sedan is slated for a 2022 debut, and it's been spotted in the wild a few times already. Excited? We are.

But what can we expect from the redesigned WRX? Here's what we know so far.

2022 Subaru WRX: What we know so far image

The chassis

The automaker is making good use of the Subaru Global Platform. From the Impreza all the way to the Evoltis, all their models share the same backbone. Subaru went on record saying that they will apply the same for the high-performance sedan. As for dimensions, it's likely to be close to the current-shape Impreza and all-new Levorg. Expect firm dampers, beefed-up suspension, and a wider track for the 2022 WRX.

2022 Subaru WRX: What we know so far image
Three possible engines?

What Subaru hasn't mentioned are the engine options. That said, there are three possible options. First is the FA20 mill used in the present WRX. In its current guise, it's good for 268 PS and 350 Nm of torque.

Another possible engine they can use is a tuned version of the new 2.4-liter turbo. That engine is under the hood of the Evoltis crossover, Outback, and Legacy. On the flip side, they can take the compact turbo engine route by using the 1.8-liter from the Levorg.

Either way, we might see a power bump but it can't overlap with the STI.

2022 Subaru WRX: What we know so far image


As mentioned, there are a few photos of camouflaged pre-production cars running the streets. On first impressions, you might dismiss it as a current Impreza with wider fenders. Upon closer inspection, it's much more than that. For instance, the rear quarter window points upwards whereas the present Impreza has a downward kink. There's also the C-shaped taillights that peek through the camouflage, along with a two-layer trunk lid.

At the front, there is a hint of the 2021 Levorg, particularly around the headlights. Also present is the hexagonal grille that has now become a signature of the brand. Of course, it wouldn't be a WRX if it didn't have a hood scoop. Thankfully, this generation retains that distinct feature. (view more photos here)

When will it be launched?

So far, Subaru isn't mentioning a launch date for it yet. However, various reports say that it could be unveiled by the third quarter of 2021. That means we're looking at dates between June and September. It's a wide window, but at least it's more specific than just within the year.

The current Subaru WRX is far from new. It's been around since 2014 and the platform it sits on turns a decade this year. To say it's in need of a full model change is an understatement, but we're glad Subaru is continuing the bloodline of their performance sedan. The question now is this: will it be worth the wait?