Toyota Motor Thailand launches special edition Fortuner limited to only 1,000 examples

If there’s one thing that we’re envious of with our neighbor Thailand, it’s the number of special edition models that’s available over there.

Just recently, Toyota Motor Thailand has revealed a special edition version of the Fortuner that comes with a unique body kit, gloss black exterior highlights, upgraded interior, and additional safety features. It’s called the Commander, and boy is it a looker.

Limited-run Toyota Fortuner Commander is ready to lead image

Unlike your regular Fortuner, the Commander gets a special front and rear bumper decoration kit. It also more aggressive look courtesy of a gloss black-painted front grille, side mirror caps, side steps, and headlight accents. Last but not least, the vehicle features a black-painted roof, larger 20-inch alloy wheels, and tailgate trim pieces finished in black.

Inside, the special-edition SUV gets red and black tones that give it a sportier look and feel. All of the seats are upholstered in leather and come with red contrast stitching. While it’s no GR Sport, the red highlights combined with the black interior give the Fortuner Commander a more discerning finish.

Limited-run Toyota Fortuner Commander is ready to lead image

Aside from the spruced-up cabin, Toyota put intelligent safety features for extra peace of mind. These include a 360-degree camera system, rear-cross traffic alert, and a blind-spot monitoring system.

Under the hood, the Fortuner Commander is only available with a 2.4-liter turbo-diesel engine. It makes 150 PS along with 400 Nm of torque. Power is then sent to the wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission.

While the engine remains stock, the Commander comes with different shock absorbers. Toyota says that these have been tuned to deliver a more stable and refined ride over the standard dampers. It also has red coil springs to match the Commander’s more aggressive exterior.

Limited-run Toyota Fortuner Commander is ready to lead image

Only 1,000 examples of the Fortuner Commander will be sold for the Thai market. We’re hoping that Toyota Motor Philippines also make a limited edition version of the Fortuner that’s similar to the Commander. It could even serve as a special model that fills the gap between the LTD and the Q model.

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