Toyota Motor Philippines is gearing up to launch 2022 Fortuner GR Sport

Yesterday, we learned that Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) is gearing up for the local launch of the Hilux GR Sport. Unlike the standard models, the modified pick-up gets a wide array of Gazoo Racing goodies that include a sportier front fascia, leather-suede seats, GR-branded accessories, and even unique 18-inch alloy wheels.

Some of you might be asking though, where is the Fortuner GR Sport? Worry not as TMP is also set to launch the modified SUV as well. But just how much will it cost?

2022 Toyota Fortuner GR Sport will breach PHP 2.5 million image

According to an anonymous source, the Fortuner GR Sport will sell for PHP 2.509 million. Compared to the Fortuner LTD 4x4 which already retails for PHP 2.440 million, the GR Sport version will be PHP 69,000 more expensive. If this is true, it will be the most expensive 7-seater pick-up-based platform vehicle (PPV) in the market.

So what can you expect to get from a Fortuner that costs over PHP 2.5 million? Well, that depends on which GR Sport version of the SUV we'll be getting. If we get the one from Thailand, the SUV comes with an aggressive makeover. It gets a revised black grille, a new front bumper, a sporty-looking spoiler, and massive 20-inch alloy wheels.

2022 Toyota Fortuner GR Sport will breach PHP 2.5 million image

The cabin, meanwhile, gets a black and red finish that is similar to other Gazoo Racing models. It also gets new leather-suede sport seats, GR-branded headrests and push-button start, aluminum pedals, and special GR Sport carpets.

Should we get the one from Indonesia, the Fortuner receives a more modest upgrade. It features a dark chrome grille and a new front bumper. Unlike the Thai version which rolls on 20-inch wheels, the Indonesian version comes with smaller 18-inch alloy wheels. Other exterior upgrades present include GR Sport emblems on the tailgate, and GR Sport stickers on the doors.

2022 Toyota Fortuner GR Sport will breach PHP 2.5 million image

When it comes to the powertrain, it will likely be powered by the 2.8-liter turbo-diesel engine that makes 204 PS with 500 Nm of torque. The sole transmission option will likely be a six-speed automatic that comes with 4WD as standard.

If given the choice, would you pay PHP over 2.5 million for a dressed-up Fortuner? Let us know in the comments.