Check out the interior of the VW Multivan/Transporter

A new Volkswagen van is always a big thing. Since the fifties with the Type 2, the Volkswagen van has enjoyed a status that's just as significant (and as loyal) as the Beetle. The history of the model and by the many names it has been known by (Bus, Kombi, Combi, Transporter, Multivan, etc.) continues to the present day.

Now they aim to do the same with a new seventh-generation that they've been releasing teaser images of to show off the new styling. And they'll be doing something different: it will be available with a plug-in hybrid.

Volkswagen has just announced some of the specifications of the upcoming Multivan. The new model will be launched with a new-generation plug-in hybrid system. The Multivan eHybrid can be recharged at public charging stations or at home via a wall charger, enabling it to cruise around town without activating the engine and without releasing any carbon dioxide.

2022 Volkswagen Multivan looks ready for family getaways image

As with many other Volkswagen models, the Multivan will have a TSI turbo petrol engine that will be able to charge the system if need be and take over at higher speed driving. The transmission will be a direct shift gearbox (DSG).

The Multivan eHybrid will have a lithium-ion battery pack under the floor which Volkswagen says will help lower the center of gravity; as with any hybrid, the battery tends to be the heaviest component. The charging port is upfront on the right side.

2022 Volkswagen Multivan looks ready for family getaways image

What we're also interested in is the configurations of the cabin. Volkswagen released the first sketch showing the cabin in full, and we can see several floor-mounted rails that allow for the movement of the seats depending on the need. It's also clear that the Multivan depicted in the sketch has four seats in the back, and that the middle row can be rotated to face rearward; that makes this a great option for families that want to go and camp out for the weekend or spend a day at the beach.

Volkswagen hasn't released any figures for the Multivan eHybrid, but we expect extraordinary fuel economy given the plug-in hybrid system, the efficient TSI engine, and the DSG.

Currently, Volkswagen doesn't have any vans or MPVs in their line-up following the switch to the model lineup manufactured and offered by SAIC-VW. But if there was a vehicle to make an exception for, the Multivan is it. We won't be surprised if a lot of customers ask Volkswagen Philippines about models like the Multivan in the future as these types of nameplates are very popular in the local market.