All-electric Jetour T-3 EV Concept is one badass go-anywhere EV

Jetour sure made its presence felt when it officially launched its vehicle lineup at the recently concluded Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) 2023. With the Dashing, X70, X70 Plus, and Ice Cream EV ensuring customers have plenty of choices, Jetour wanted to impress everyone.

Over at this year’s Auto Shanghai, however, Jetour went all out and revealed one heck of a concept - the menacing T-3 EV. Featuring an aggressive exterior, go-anywhere capability, an all-electric powertrain, suicide doors, and a shape that appears to have been inspired by the FJ Cruiser, the T-3 Concept surely grabbed everyone’s attention in Shanghai.

2023 Shanghai: Jetour T-3 Concept is an FJ Cruiser on steroids image

Measuring 5.3 meters long, 2 meters wide, and 1.9 meters tall, the boxy EV SUV looks imposing. Combined with its FJ Cruiser-inspired design, the T-3 looks the part of a go-anywhere vehicle. But don’t expect this concept to come with an ICE under the hood.

Instead, this has 4 electric motors, each producing 250 kW - resulting in a total system output of over 1,300 PS. It goes from 0 - 100 km/h in as little as 3 seconds, which can rival supercars. As for its range, Jetour claims it’s capable of traveling over 1,400 km when paired with the extended range version which makes use of an internal combustion engine that serves as an onboard generator (think of it like the Kicks e-Power).

Going off-road, drivers will be happy to know it has a ground clearance of 360mm plus a water wading depth of 1.1 meters. In addition, it has rear-wheel steering to help the vehicle tackle tight corners, as well 360-degree turning (AKA crab walk) to help it turn around faster while off the beaten path.

2023 Shanghai: Jetour T-3 Concept is an FJ Cruiser on steroids image

Inside, the T-3 Concept is both stylish and high-tech with its futuristic dashboard. It has a touchscreen placed on the center of the dashboard while a digital instrument cluster ensures all relevant information can be seen easily. LED ambient lighting is also standard which improves cabin ambiance, along with leather and Alcantara upholstery.

The T-3 Concept is strictly a four-seater vehicle and is complemented by a pair of suicide doors. Not only does it make for a more stylish vehicle, but ingress/egress is easier for rear passengers. For added capability while in the great outdoors, walkie-talkies come standard to allow drivers and occupants to keep in touch while going off-road.

2023 Shanghai: Jetour T-3 Concept is an FJ Cruiser on steroids image

While there’s no mention yet of a production vehicle, we won’t be surprised if the T-3 is merely a preview of things to come. And thanks to its distinct styling inside and out, we’re keeping our hopes up the T-3 Concept actually becomes a production vehicle very soon.