After Thailand and Laos, all-new Toyota Vios arrives in Indonesia

After making its debut in Thailand and Laos earlier this year, the next-generation Toyota Vios has made its way to another ASEAN country: Indonesia. But unlike the Thai and Laos spec models which are only available with a 1.2-liter and 1.3-liter Dual VVT-i engine, respectively, the Indonesian-spec Vios has been revealed with a bigger 1.5-liter inline-four.

While it may have the same displacement as the PH-spec 1.5-liter 2NR-FE, it’s important to note that the new 1.5-liter Dual VVT-i engine in the 2023 Vios for Indonesia is actually called the 2NR-VE. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s also the engine that’s driving the Avanza and Veloz.

2023 Toyota Vios for Indonesia revealed with Avanza’s 1.5L engine image

In the 2023 Vios, the engine makes 106 PS at 6000 rpm and 138 Nm of torque at 4200 rpm. As a result, the sedan now makes the same amount of power as its MPV siblings. When it comes to transmission options, the Indonesian-spec model is only available with a CVT. Those that prefer to get a 5-speed manual gearbox will have to wait for 3 months before a unit arrives as it is now an indent order variant.

Compared to the 1.5-liter 2NR-FE found in local models of the current Vios, the 2NR-VE derived from the Avanza makes 1 PS less and is short of 2 Nm of pull. However, both engines achieve peak horsepower and torque output at 6000 rpm and at 4200 rpm, accordingly.

2023 Toyota Vios for Indonesia revealed with Avanza’s 1.5L engine image

In terms of features, all CVT models come with four-wheel disc brakes, an electronic parking brake (EPB), and 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 205/50 series tires. Manual variants, on the other hand, get smaller 16-inch alloys with 195/60 series tires. When it comes to amenities, the 2023 Vios is available with a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment, a 7-inch digital instrument panel, and digital air-conditioning with automatic climate control on higher-grade models.

Despite having factories in Indonesia, Toyota said that the 2023 Vios will be a completely-built unit (CBU) imported from Thailand. The reason behind this is that Toyota’s Indonesia plants are busy making the Avanza and Veloz which are taking up the majority of the production capacity.

2023 Toyota Vios for Indonesia revealed with Avanza’s 1.5L engine image

With the all-new Vios confirmed with new 1.3 and 1.5-liter powertrains, does this mean the new-generation Vios for the Philippine market will now have engines from Daihatsu? We’ll find out once we get word (or insider information) with regards to the local production of the 2023 Vios in the country.