After the success of the very first Metro Manila Shake Drill, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) quickly announced a second round to come soon enough.

Yesterday, the agency revealed that the 2nd Shake Drill is set to happen on EDSA on June 22 starting at 9AM and it will simulate the collapse of the Guadalupe Bridge after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake damages it.

"With the success of the first Metro Manila Shake Drill last year, we would like to challenge ourselves to do better and be better prepared in the event of a catastrophic earthquake," said MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos.

During the Shake Drill, the outermost northbound lane of EDSA will come to a full stop for approximately one hour to give way to 'rescuers' to arrive at the scene and save the 'victims' who fall down to the Pasig River during the 'collapse' of the Guadalupe Bridge.

"So this early, we are appealing to motorists and the riding public to please bear with us. This drill is meant to save lives in the event of the 'Big One'," added Carlos.

Aside from preparing people in case the 'big one' hits the Philippines, the Shake Drill also allows various government agencies and private rescue groups to 'fine-tune protocols' for disaster response.

As part of the preparation plans of the MMDA, 20-foot container vans, which will act as 'command and control centers' will be placed in four quadrants of Metro Manila in order to facilitate the deployment of resources and rescue personnel.

The East Quadrant command center is located at LRT-2 train depot in Santolan, Pasig City; North Quadrant at the Veterans' Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City; South Quadrant at Villamor Airbase in Pasay City; and West Quadrant at the Intramuros Golf Course in Manila.

As command centers, these container vans will also have medicines, extrication equipment, tents and other materials needed for rescue and emergency response.

The 2nd Shake Drill will coincide with the Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED).