Heads up Porsche owners! The Stuttgart-based automaker recently announced a safety recall on 340,000 cars around the world. The nameplates affected in the said recall includes certain Panamera and Cayenne models that can suddenly roll away while parked.

According to Porsche, affected vehicles carry a problem with their automatic transmissions. Based on a document by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the vehicle can roll away by itself due to fragile transmission bushings that can detach between the gear shifter and the transmission itself. This means that even though the driver has put the vehicle in ‘Park’, the transmission itself may not be really in the said gear position.

In the case that a driver has not applied the parking brake after setting the vehicle to Park, affected cars can effectively roll away and could potentially hit other vehicles or objects. Porsche added that they first heard about the problem when some customers started reporting that their cars  did not stay put even though they have already put it in Park. It was only when they applied the parking brake when the vehicle stopped moving altogether.

Porsche recalling select Panameras, Cayennes due to gearbox issue image

Out of the 340,000 units affected by the faulty transmission bushings, around 99,665 units are in the US while almost 25,000 are in Germany. The other 215,335 units affected are found in other global markets although Porsche did not say which countries exactly. However, the automaker did mention that model years that are part of the safety recall span from 2002 up to 2016.

In the US market, Porsche announced that recall repairs will begin on August 11, 2019. Dealers will be notified about the said recall and will replace the shifter cable bushing, free of charge. Until then, owners of Panamera and Cayenne vehicles are reminded to always use the parking brake until they are repaired.

PGA Cars Inc., the official distributor of Porsche in the Philippines, have yet to announce whether locally-sold models are part of the recall. But given the amount of vehicles affected globally, we won’t be surprised if there are several Cayennes or Panameras that need to have their shifter cable bushings replaced.