3M has named the winners of free Black Chrome Automotive Tints from the Spot the 3M Print Mark internet raffle program. Eight lucky participants nationwide have been chosen for the months of November and December 2008:

Junniver Yu of Tondo
Cesar Viernes Jr. of Baguio City
Jacklord Carlos of Pampanga
Julius Caesar Eusala of Iloilo City
Benson Cruz of Quezon City
Emerson Benette Manahan of Quezon City
Katherine Vilacrusis of Antipolo
Jun Bambalan of Baguio City

The 'Spot the 3M Print Mark' Campaign started in January 2008. It has been designed to minimize threats of false claims by educating the market about the trademark of authentic 3M films through print ads in magazines, in-store improvements, and radio advertisements. Straightforwardly, the campaign communicates that benefits of a 3M automotive film can be realized by looking for the 3M logo imprinted on all its film variants.

"We want to help our customers make sure that they get what they pay for", says Gigi Ricasio, marketing of 3M automotive films. "All tints may look the same, but hardly any brand performs at the same level as 3M's. We wouldn't want customers to be misled."

Raffle ended on December 31, 2008. For more information on 3M automotive tints, go to the 3M Auto tint microsite by clicking on the banner ad posted on autoindustriya.com.