With the Christmas season abuzz comes the need and want to travel. It might be for a yearly family get together or an itch to get out of the hectic city to go on that well-deserved out of town trip. One thing’s for sure: there is definitely a lot of driving to expect. Rapide Auto Service Experts has compiled 4 tips you can use while on the road. So fasten your seatbelts and step on the gas pedal. 

1. Sleep is key

If you don’t want that dangerous narcoleptic episode in the middle of the expressway, then you need to prepare yourself and combat exhaustion before it comes your way. Have at least seven hours of sleep two days before the drive. With the huge number of fellow vacationers going out of the city, you need to have a sharp and alert mind at all times. Also, do not hesitate to pull over if you start feeling drowsy. This is always a better alternative than driving half-awake.

4 things to remember on your holiday road trip

2. Prepare that Christmas road trip playlist

Good music will definitely help you endure that lengthy drive. This may also help when you are at far-flung rural areas with little to no radio signal (or if there is, the music being played may not suite your tastes). Besides, road trips are perfect for carpool karaoke! Audiobooks, radio dramas, and the like are also good alternatives.

Check out Rapide's long drive Spotify playlist here: https://open.spotify.com/user/5v2hw55b15gfkejuvzo7dtx9r/playlist/52IlSWOsKDUPPWCcbghYdh?si=uiWc2lVZTIGzMfZ4a4C8SQ

3. Eat on the go

Finger food always comes handy during these long drives. Besides filling your stomach, it stimulates the brain and fights the boredom brought by constant mechanical driving. Also, don’t forget to regularly hydrate yourself with water. Drinks such as juices and energy drinks are also helpful. You might want to steer away from those caffeinated drinks though, because even if they give you that boost at the start, the effects gradually dwindle and it causes your mind to become unfocused, albeit awake. As you know, follow the golden rule of driving: don’t drink on the road! The season may be festive but save the alcohol in controlled areas during Christmas parties.

4 things to remember on your holiday road trip

4. Make sure your car is properly maintained

Don’t take any chances of your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Before going out on that long drive, have your vehicle inspected for any possible causes of breakdowns while on the road and consult reputable car experts on preventive measures and what you might need in the case a problem occurs. Bring with you a toolbox containing necessary tools and make sure your car’s manual is not left at home. 

Rapide's highly-trained and trusted mechanics can prepare your car for those long hours, but it’s still up to you to have a smooth drive. As much as all of us would like to travel on a flying sled powered by reindeer magic instead of driving on land for hours, you can still enjoy the holidays while on the road. After all, it doesn’t matter how long the journey is, having good company is all you need to fuel you on that long drive.